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The Application is not  available on this website.   We can email it to you after you go thru our email interview.

Please read the info on this page first.



A-Parrot has an adoption process for all tentative Adopters to participate in.   Applicants must  be 21 years or older.   Please read this complete page before contacting us.  


Thank you for checking our parrot rescue out!   We list birds available at Petfinder.com.  One may be waiting for you!

Introduction to Adopting a Bird from A-Parrot Rescue

(1)   A-Parrot to A-Flamingo takes in parrots that are older, may not be very tame or handleable,  may be loud and may come in with some "quirks".  This is why we are looking for experienced parrot owners who can deal with these possible issues.  You will be notified of all issues we are aware of.  We get in some nice parrots also.

 (2)  Since this is the Internet and we do not know who is applying, we usually request a proof receipt  to make sure that one has owned a similar species of Parrot in the recent past .

(2) Potential Adopters must contact us via EMAIL mail first.   We do not interview by text, in person, or by phone.  It is very important to READ over our website if you are serious about adopting a bird from A-Parrot Rescue.  Our info is put in writing.to avoid misunderstandings later.  This is not a give-away site.

 (3)   Applicants must be open to answering questions that A-Parrot to A-Flamingo Rescue may have.  Our Board reserves the right to approve or refuse any application submitted to us.   Our Board of Directors makes all final adoption OK's.  

 (4)  Drop-off and pick up of birds is in Brecksville, Ohio ONLY.  We will adopt out to people in Ohio and around the close borders of Michigan and Pennsylvania.  (areas local to us in Ohio).  Inquire...  We do not ship parrots.  We will need to interview and meet the actual Adopter here in Brecksville before a parrot adoption is finalized.

Pandemic Response: eff. 3/25/2020

For now, A-Parrot Rescue is open for dropoffs and pickups but with pandemic safeguards in place.

You need to wear a mask. One person at a time is allowed in our house for pickup.

(5)  Birds are adopted out "as is", in visually healthy condition.   We adopt to multi pet owners, but everyone must understand that owning a cat or a dog is NOT the same as owning a parrot.  Previous  or current parrot ownership is a qualification for adoption.

(6)  Small non-parrot species of birds do not require a receipt but you will still need to go thru our adoption process.

 FREE BIRDS ??       

Since A-Parrot Rescue does not solicit for free will donations, rehoming donations are necessary for A-Parrot to be able to purchase food and pay for necessary vet care for the birds left in our care.   

Rehoming fees are explained in our email Interview/chat #3.  A-Parrot needs to get to know our tentative Adopters first.  We are looking for people who sincerely want to adopt a homeless bird.  It is up to our Board of Directors to make all final adoption approvals also.


WE WOULD LIKE TO GET TO KNOW YOU..                                                                                                                                                                           

You must be open to answering our questions during this interview.  We do not use brief text format and we do not interview by phone. There will be some reading for you to do during your interview.

Pending our Board approving your Application, an appointment can be made after approval to visit the bird of your choice.  A rehoming fee is due at pickup.  The same day you visit is fine.




 You are ADOPTING  not BUYING a bird from our rescue organization. 

.  (1) “Adopting” means a rescue organization needs to interview the tentative Adopter FIRST to get to know you first.  There will be an application process for you to apply to adopt.  Plus an Application to be filled out.

   (2) "Buying" a bird means you give your money and pick up the bird the same time. This is what a pet shop or a Craigslist ad does.

   (3)  A-Parrot Rescue reserves the right to approve or not approve an Application.  

All potential Adopters need to go thru A-Parrot's adoption process.   You must be open to answering our questions as our “job” is to find the best home we can for each adoptable parrot since the previous owners of parrots we receive have trusted A-Parrot to find the best home we can for their parrots.




 A purchase receipt for a parrot, vet check receipt, clipping/grooming receipt, DNA certificate, bird prescription bottle label, pet sitting or boarding receipt, pet insurance certificate, parrot cremation receipt, etc.  The bird's species and your name must be on the receipt.  Your vet or pet shop may have a copy they can get from their records.  

Or just go and get your current Parrot’s wings and claws clipped  NOW and you will have your receipt. 

Never owned a Parrot before?  You will need to get a parrot elsewhere, but you can contact us to adopt your second Parrot later.  Save your receipts. 



(1)  No -- Pictures of parrots, videos, or personal references (except a reference from a vet you take your parrots to, written on the vet's letterhead).  Bird pictures can be copied off the Internet so that is why a picture is not considered a proof by A-Parrot Rescue.

(2)  No -- Receipts or references from a previous owner or a friend or relative who houses your parrot now.  You are the Applicant.  The receipt needs have your name on it with the parrot species you own or have owned in the recent past. 

(3)  A-Parrot Rescue does not consider personal "ownership" as:   Parrots you visit, pet sat for, were owned or bred by one of your relatives, rehabbing wild birds, doing a lot of research on parrots but never owning one before, or living with parrots that were family owned when one was a child.  You will need to give us a proof receipt from when you LIVED with a parrot in your own home when you became an adult. 

(4)   "Having lots of love and time" is NOT taken into consideration for approving Applications if you never owned a parrot before.

(5)  You cannot bring your own parrot with you here as proof of parrot ownership.  We need a piece of paper proof for your file.  A vet receipt is best.  Our specific email interview will explain WHEN we need this paper proof.                               



A "rescue" is not the place to find baby parrots.  We primarily get in older birds.  That is why we are called a "rescue".  Birds come in for various reasons.  Most birds will take a little time to settle into their home also.  

Parrots 20 years and older are coming in now.  The larger the parrot, the longer the life span.  With good care, a parrot's lifespan can reach 50 or 75 years depending on the species.  The birds we get in may or may not be handleable.  Birds need an adustment period in your home to let you handle them sometimes.  A-Parrot does not rehab parrots for you as we do not want birds to get attached to our staff rather than their new owner.  Don't expect an older rescue bird to immediately "go up" on your finger or hand.

We do get in budgies, cockatiels, finches and sometimes lovebirds too.  No proof receipt of ownership is necessary for these small birds.  There is still an application process to adopt these species, though.



(1)    Our Adopters must be 21 years of age or older and reside in the state of Ohio.  Parts of Michigan and Pennsylvania close to Ohio may be OK.  Inquire.

(2)  A-Parrot to A-Flamingo Rescue does NOT ship birds. We do NOT deliver birds to you, nor do we meet you part way for drop-off.  

(3) The Adopter must come to us in Brecksville to visit the bird of his/her choice after one's Application has been approved.  We need to interview and meet the actual Adopter in person as the last step for adoption approval. 

(4)   We do NOT adopt out birds as "gifts" for children or adults.  We need to interview the person who is actually going to get the bird. 

(5)  Being "home all the time" or "on disability" are NOT points we consider as primary approval qualifications for parrot adoption.  For a homebound person, Parrots can be very expensive to own, may need to go to the vet at some time, and a Parrot's food (pellets, seed, nuts, treats, table food) and toys can be expensive.  One must be able to afford the upkeep of owning a Parrot also.

(6)   Our Board of Directors makes all final adoption decisions.  You will be “applying” to adopt.  Merely "applying"  is no guarantee of being able to obtain a bird from our agency.  We reserve the right to choose the best home, in our opinion, for each bird that is adopted out.

(7) There is an Adoption Contract for you to sign when you pick up your bird.  A proper size cage, toys, and food are usually included with each bird. 

(8)   A-Parrot Rescue adopts out birds responsibly -- in visually healthy condition. There are no health guarantees.   We recommend that all birds be vet checked at your expense by an avian vet within two weeks of pickup.  .  

 (9)   Birds are continually coming in and out.  Adoptions can occur at any time.  This list is continually being updated.  Keep checking our Petfinder page at  

                https://www.petfinder.com//pPt-search?shelter_id=OH662   (copy link)

(10)  Smaller non-parrot bird  ownership does NOT count in order to be approved to adopt a Parrot from A-Parrot Rescue.  You need to have owned a Parrot to adopt a Parrot.



There is no visiting of our birds until your Application has been approved by our Board of Directors first.  Our "virtual" bird tour is on our page at Petfinder.com .  Birds and their info is posted on Petfinder. Be sure to click on the picture of the bird.  More info will pop up about the bird.    See:

    http://www.petfinder.com/pet-search?shelterid=OH662   (copy link)     


It is great if you are a multi-pet owner and have other rescue pets, but Parrot upkeep and care is not the same as caring for other types of pets.    That is like comparing apples to oranges...    “Researching”  parrot care is important, but we need to go one step further by requiring that one has lived with a parrot in their home to possibly qualify to adopt a similar species from A-Parrot to A-Flamingo Rescue.




A-Parrot to A-Flamingo Rescue’s adoption requirements are based on some of the actual reasons A-Parrot has had birds turned over to us in the first place. Our aim is to avoid these same issues happening again.  We are especially looking for Adopters with an open mind to working around a parrot's "possible issues".  Or with luck, there may be no issues! 

 Also, we sometimes have some nice extra used cages, playstands, carriers, etc. available for purchase (cheap).  This helps us buy more food for our birds.  Inquire if you are interested.

 There is lots of info on this site.  Please check it out.   If the info here is acceptable to you and you feel you can supply us with a proof receipt, if required, email our interviewer at:




The Application is not on this website.   This can be emailed to you after your email interview.


Contact Fran at   aparrottoaflamingo@danworld.com   (copy link)




Thank you for considering adopting a bird from A-Parrot Rescue and thanks for your patience in reading over the info on this page!  

           Announcement:  Out updated website eff.  5/1/ 22 will be:





Looking to adopt a flamingo?  We are still waiting for one to be offered to us!





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