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Dear Parrot Friend:      


This info just describes A-Parrot to A-Flamingo's visiting area which is in a private home.  Our agency may not be set up like other rescues.  This should not be an issue for most everyone, but here is the explanation anyway.  This is our set-up as explained on this page....

** Please read this info before you make an appointment to visit us.**

 Welcome!     http://aparrottoaflamingoinc.zoomshare.com/files/jumping_budgie.gif

If your application has been approved, CONGRATULATIONS.  We are looking forward to meeting YOU.

If you are dropping off a bird, we will do our very best to find a good home for it.   :-)


Our Bird Viewing Area:      



1.   Our visiting area is a very small area in our home. There may be cages taking up most of that space.


2.  There are no tours through our PRIVATE HOME past that point.   Our private birds are not included in the tour. Our birds "on hold" are not included in the tour either.


3.  All birds will be in their cages when you visit.  We have no room in our holding area for play stands.  In other rooms, yes.  


4.  Also, our area may be crowded with boxes of seed and bird supplies.  Each rescue bird is on an individual diet when they come in, and we may have stacked supplies that go out with them.


5.  Please respect that you are not visiting a pet shop here.



6.  Yes, A-Parrot to A-Flamingo is a genuine nonprofit parrot rescue and rehoming agency per IRS rules and requirements.  We are not a 501C3 at this time, our choice.




1.     A-Parrot Rescue only has room for 2 people to visit at a time.  An appointment is necessary for pick up and drop off of birds.  

2.     Our foster people bring our birds back to our Brecksville location (home) for viewing so when all of our space is filled, incoming birds will need to go on a waiting list.

3.      We are available most afternoons, 7 days/week by appointment.

4.     Email Fran Filak at    aparrottoaflamingo@danworld.com



A "Full Moon" Day in the Life of a Rescue Person - September 2014  


I apologize that I have to be so explicit with the info above, but a lady named Carol from Painesville visited one day and adopted one budgie for her child.  The next day she made some phone calls to try to report me to the city since I did not give her a "tour" of my home.  She expected to see all of the birds  in my home.  She thought she could snoop thru every room in my house, in order to make a “personal judgment” if I was a "valid parrot rescue organization" according to her "research" of what a parrot rescue is supposed to be.  A-Parrot to A-Flamingo Rescue is not a pet shop.

It must have been a full moon that day!   Most other bird rescues regularly do home checks before adopting out birds to someone.  A-Parrot Rescue did not request a tour of her home.  Home security and privacy considerations work both ways....



A-Parrot Rescue's Set-Up     


Please remember, our agency functions merely as a safe haven, a temporary stopping-off point, for birds and parrots needing new homes.   But life is a jungle here for our feathered visitors!  They will enjoy the noises of other parrots we are holding.  Our A-Parrot Rescue staff will care for your bird like it was our own until the bird is rehomed.


A-Parrot to A-Flamingo Rescue adopts out all parrots to an experienced parrot owner who will be sure to let their new parrot out of its cage often.  


When you get your adopted parrot home, caging it or not caging your parrot is at YOUR own option.  A-Parrot's bird holding option is honestly explained on this page so the public can make a decision if we are the parrot rescue for you or not.  


The Animal Control Officer in Brecksville has called Fran for assistance with abandoned pet bird pickup and holding several times over the past years.  Those birds have been held here by A-Parrot Rescue for their owner or adopted out later if not claimed.  


Again -- Another "Full Moon" Day in Rescue!     Feb 2014    


We have come across so many nice new friends in rehoming our parrots, but every once in a while the "full moon" is out again and another instance like this happens.  

Unfortunately, but rarely, a parrot adoption application is not approved when we actually meet the person.  This happened in February.  Our Board denied the application of a parrot owner from the Columbus area who also claimed to do dog rescue and also bred small dogs.   Her application was denied because of her rudeness when she visited here.  Plus she told us that she always let her pit bull loose by her parrots when the parrots were out of their cages.  

The day after she visited, she retaliated against A-Parrot with threats and the circulation of false rumors in an effort to "get even" with A-Parrot Rescue for denying her application.  It is a shame that an adult cannot accept the answer "no".  She did not get a parrot from our agency.

A-Parrot's Board of Directors and will always consider the parrot's safety and welfare over someone's so-called "credentials".  



Parrots Rule   



A-Parrot to A-Flamingo believes that the safety and welfare of all birds turned over to us must come before the desires and expectations of their tentative new caretakers.  If one does not agree with our bird holding policy as explained to you here, then in all honesty, we are not the placement agency for you.  Maybe another parrot rescue organization can help you instead.

Very few vindictive people come out of the woodwork like the two people noted above.  

Most applications have been approved for adopting from A-Parrot to A-Flamingo Rescue.  We thank you all for your understanding why we feel we need to pass this info along to you before you make your appointment to visit us.  



It is my own opinion that keeping small birds or parrots out of their cages, loose all the time, invites trouble.  Parrots are destructive, they chew furniture, wood, will chew cords, shred your drapes, chew your woodwork, pick off the keys of your computer, etc.  Accidents can happen if dogs and cats interact.  My opinion is that as long as a parrot has a large cage, lots of toys, a buddy next to its cage, and is let out only when supervised and away from a cat or a dog, birds can be kept cleaner and will be fine living in their cage most of the time. 


Of course, your preference in housing your own parrots is at your own option.  But I have been into birds for so long that I have heard lots of horror stories.   Also, clipped or not clipped, if a bird has wings, it can still fly.

A few years ago,  I have seen a Congo African Gray parrot flying high up in the oak trees at the park in Parma.    I have even come across a dead African Gray parrot in the road  in Richfield.   I personally do not take parrots outside, unless it is in a carrier or a cage.  A bird is a bird.  At some time, it WILL decide to take off on you, whether it is clipped or not.  It is heartbreaking to watch your treasured parrot fly out the door or window.  The chance of getting it back will be very slim.


These instances are some of the reasons A-Parrot to A-Flamingo stresses SAFETY when it comes to housing and owning parrots.  It is NOT that our rescue birds are in solitary confinement while in our care.  A-Parrot to A-Flamingo's policy is to use COMMON SENSE as part of our parrot ownership agenda.  My opinion here may be in the minority of parrot ownership opinions, but my "job" is to keep birds under my care safe here until released to their new home.




A-Parrot to A-Flamingo, Inc., Parrot Rescue of Brecksville, Ohio would be happy to assist you in rehoming the parrot (or small cage bird) you may need to find a good home for.  However, all birds must be released into A-Parrot's care before the screening and relocation process can begin.



Thank you for reading over this page!   

Fran Filak, Director, A-Parrot to A-Flamingo, Inc., Parrot Rescue


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